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Who is the rat?

It's high time for the most exciting mole activity with betrayal, unexpected twists and team building. Who is the Rat? Who in your own team can't you trust? This is the ideal team outing for every Mol fan.

  • A real mole activity with tension, sabotage and team building.

  • Suitable for both small and large groups

  • Playing time of approximately 2.5 hours, including trophy for the winning team!

Important information

  • From €29.50 per person (excl food & drinks).

  • Available from 5 persons.

  • Duration: 2.5 hours, possible at any time.

Extra information

How does Wie is de Rat work? We are there well in time to prepare. Who is

the Rat is simply the most cunning city game in Haarlem... While enjoying a

Our own Rik van Westelaken then welcomes you for a drink.

The rules of the game are explained, the teams are formed and the plans are shared

forged. The tension is immediately palpable. After the classification, you will become one by one

called forward. You will secretly see via an Ipad whether you are the Rat. Everyone stands

immediately sharp. Are you a team player? Then make sure that your team has the most money

knows how to collect. Are you the Rat? Nice to meet you. It's up to you to complete the assignments sabotage.

Afterwards, all teams will gather for an award ceremony. Which team won?

and of course: Who is the best Rat? All in all a successful team outing that will last a long time

will be discussed. Hopefully everyone can still be trusted in the future!


Combine Who is the rat with a lunch, dinner or drink at our place (Blend Haarlem) for one

unforgettable day! Prefer another popular city game? Feel free to ask for the


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