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Crazy 88

In Crazy 88 you will receive the craziest assignments, questions and challenges for 2 hours

fired. Every assignment is different. The aim is to score as many points as possible

score with your team! Are you ready to treat each other in a completely different way?

get to know?

You will work in teams of 5 to 6 people. Armed with our brand new

interactive app you completely shake Haarlem by performing 88

assignments. One assignment is even more creative and challenging than the other. Any strategy

is possible.

• Score as many points as possible by submitting photos and videos in our app.

• Different levels of assignments. So there is something for everyone.

• Including enthusiastic guidance.

• Includes trophy for the winning team

Important information

● From €29.50 per person (excl food & drinks).

● From 5 persons.

● Duration: 2.5 hours, possible at any time.

Extra information

How does Crazy 88 work? Our enthusiastic Outing bosses waiting for you, everything is ready for the start! After a short explanation, it's on you to turn the city upside down by performing the best assignments. Convince the judges and score as many points as possible. The jury assesses each assignment rigorously and quickly. The jury loves creativity and humour! You can follow the other teams via an app. Like this you know exactly how your rivals score.


Combine Crazy 88 with a lunch, dinner or drink afterwards at Blend Haarlem. With this you can

let this unique experience sink in for a moment. Prefer another popular city game?

Feel free to view the possibilities at Uitjesbaasen!


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