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Escape the city

There have been 10 murders in Haarlem. The police need your help finding the murderer! Can you solve this thrilling mystery before it's too late? You will investigate, tour the city and get to know various highlights. Through team building and cooperation it is your task to solve this blood-curdling murder case

to solve!

• An exciting Escape Game with a unique storyline full of puzzles, games and


• Ideal for small and large groups due to use • Includes trophy for the winning team!

Important information

• From €29.50 per person (excluding food/drink).

• From 15 persons.

• Duration: approximately 2.5 hours, possible at any time and at any time.

Extra information

How does Escape the City work? Your Uitjesboss is well on time for preparation present. At a central point you go in good spirits and through an official app game get started. With a suitcase full of testimonials and alibis, you become detective and analytical skills are put to the test. The suspects can only be detained for 2 hours be held, so be quick to solve the murder case!


Combine Escape the City with lunch, dinner or drinks at Blend Haarlem. With this you can

discuss this unique experience with your group. Still prefer another popular one

city game? Feel free to view the possibilities at Uitjesbaasen!


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